About Us

Our Team is made by very talented people and they all share one thing: The Love for Sustainable Business!

Soulcare is a Group of companies focused on environmental awareness, healthy living, eating and lifestyle. Soulcare offers you the client various sustainable products that will satisfy your basic needs. We encourage the use of natural products and organic produce for a healthier and sustainable environment


Our Team

Life is full of abundance -let's make a change for the better for us and for our future generations. Soulcare Kids, are offering you the client the best organic products for your kid's needs, food, clothing, bedding, toys and a lot more. Soulcare Food, supports organic farming and Healer Omar supplies daily information on nutrition and diet for better health and natural cures for various illnesses and pain.

Retreat what you are doing, to recharge and rejuvenate the soul, to fuel the mind and body with renewed energy. Omar Botha believes it is healthier for a human to take regular short breaks to relax and recharge the mind, body and soul than to work oneself to death. If a person works non-stop for too long a period it may cause emotional, physical and mental fatigue that can lead to various illnesses and depression

Omar Botha

CEO and Founder

24 Dec 2012 at Lizl

I, Omar Botha, CEO & Healer of SOULCARE Group have put together a Dynamic, Holistic company that looks after the basic needs of people to create a healthy sustainable world for better Financial, Spiritual, Physical & Emotional Health.



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